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Title Tech Committee

Title Tech Committee

On Thursday, February 4, 2021,  the NYSLTA hosted its first ever Title Tech event. Due to the pandemic, the original live version of the event was pushed off and we were able to host a virtual scaled down version.

Based upon the  feedback we have received, it was a HUGE success. Over 100 attendees showed up and got to experience this innovative event for our association. Over the course of (4) four hours, (they) we were able to hear exciting panels by subject matter experts, visit virtual exhibitor tables, and for many, socialize and network with colleagues for the first time in almost a year. 

Many thanks go  out to our sponsors and exhibitors for their support through the last year (and)  in helping us get Title Tech to the finish line. We are very much looking forward to working with them again when we are finally able to do a proper live version of Title Tech in NYC. 

While many thought the socialization aspect of Title Tech was a highlight, the goal of the event was to start our association on the path to recognizing the vital importance of innovation in our industry. (Our) Panels on Automation & Integrations, Blockchain Technology, Remote Notary and Cyber Fraud opened our eyes to the future of our industry in not just what is possible in the next 12 months, but over the next 12 years. We know how excited everyone is by this new knowledge and we cannot wait to keep educating and innovating.

Big thanks to my Title Tech Team who made this such an incredible success: Carlo Femia, Dan Celikoyar, Stacey Reardon, Bob Treuber, Regina Capone and the crew at Bowe Digital. We can’t wait to get working on the next one!

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