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Municipal Liaison Committee

Municipal Liaison Committee

The Municipal Liaison Committee (MLC) monitors the activities of the hundreds of municipal departments and agencies throughout New York State. 

The ongoing monitoring enables us to ensure the title industry’s access to quality public records by providing input on proposed procedural changes and addressing delays in return times. We disseminate new information to our members through email blasts and educational initiatives.  

The committee has never been so busy as it was beginning back in March 2020.   Throughout the pandemic’s many phases, we kept and continue to keep association members updated on the changes in accessibility to records and changes in the procedures once in-person access was restored.

In addition to monitoring municipalities, we count on input from association members to inform us of municipality changes that may impact accessibility, quality and procedures.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, issues, or comments you may have. 

Contributed by:
James Scatturro, Chair
Vinny Bivona, Vice Chair

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