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Legislative Committee

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee works in tandem with Ostroff Associates, the Association’s lobbyist, to identify, review and track proposed legislation of concern to the Association’s members. 

Ostroff regularly provides lists of proposed legislation to review. Each new bill is given to a two-person team of Legislative Committee members to examine and rate the bill as 1) a serious concern that may require some type of immediate action; 2) a moderate concern that requires ongoing monitoring because it will have an effect on us if it is passed and 3) not a concern for the members. 

The rating report includes a brief description of how they came to their conclusion and, if applicable, suggests changes that would make the bill acceptable. Bills of serious concern are brought to the attention of the Association officers to decide on a course of action which may include having a committee member write a memorandum in opposition or provide talking points for Ostroff to present to the sponsors of the bill. 

Recently reviewed Bills include:

A8890 – We rate this bill a 1.  The issuance of electronic driver license credentials has the potential to impact the verification of identity by title closers at closings and during remote notarizations.   NYSLTA should seek clarification regarding how a title closer will be able to verify these electronic credentials as authentic when presented in person or when transmitted over the internet/email.

A8092/S1958 – We rate this bill a 2.  To the extent that this bill would affect all NYS businesses, it would also affect title insurance businesses but the proposed prohibition against having a no-fault “absent” employee discipline system is not specific to the title industry.

S8763/A9790 -We rate this at a 3 as it pertains to mortgage tax and the industry would need to know when it passes.

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