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Advocacy Committee

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee was formed as a special committee in 2019, and its value is demonstrated by it being renewed and retained by every president since its inception.  The current president names the members.  This is how and why we have an Advocacy Committee.

2019 was a hectic year for our legislative activity and advocacy. At the end of the exhaustive 2019 session, Land Title leadership recognized there are more issues and concerns than with which we could reasonably become involved.

The title insurance industry is governed by specific laws of New York State and regulations issued by the Department of Financial Services. For more than 20 years, NYSLTA has retained a lobbying firm to inform our leadership and provide political counsel on regulatory and legislative issues.  

As we learned during the administration of DFS Superintendent Vullo, our industry was also subject to critical public perceptions fed by the media. In 2014 we engaged a media communications company’s services to help shape a favorable public profile and manage media relations.

These two professional organizations, the lobbying firm Ostroff Associates and media communications firm Kivvit, regularly report to the Advocacy Committee.  The Advocacy Committee provides strategic advice to the Executive Committee, which decides what issues rise to the level of demanding our involvement, engagement and commitment of resources.


Contributed by:
Robert Treuber, Executive Vice-president

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