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Professional Mentorship Program

Professional Mentorship Program

We are very proud to be the Chair (Rich Estrella, Senior Vice President of the Fidelity Family of Companies) and the Vice Chair (Andrew Zankel, President of Core Title Services) for the NYSLTA’s Professional Mentorship Program. The NYSLTA is a voluntary association made up of title insurance professionals that serves to educate, promote and help guide our industry. The current NYSLTA leaders, officers, Executive and Committee Members are all seasoned professionals. They have devoted their time and expertise to bring us to this successful point. For example, our Association spent an enormous amount of time providing professional guidance and input on the New York State Agent’s Licensing Bill. We also reviewed and provided our professional input on sales tax, cyber security and most recently we became immersed with Regulations 206 and 208. Our Association has also participated in numerous meetings with our Industry’s regulators (DFS), lobbied our legislators discussing a myriad of topics and are members of a number of standing committees that provided regular guidance to our members and our industry.

We need our future leaders to become prepared to lead the Association in the days ahead. And the NYSLTA Professional mentorship program will provide that opportunity. We currently have four (4) agents and four (4) underwriters who have agreed to participate in the program which runs from January to June 2021. These participants are:



Keith Madden of Stewart Title
Carlo Femia of First American Title
Stacey Reardon of Westcor
Monica Malagon of the Fidelity Family of Companies



Nicole Wolosoff of Boston National Title
Dara Ordon of Sheridan Meadows
Jason Hudson of Cornerstone Land Abstract
Cassie Madonia of Freedom Land Title Agency


The program consists of the following:

Objective: Working with seasoned NYSLTA members (“Existing Members”) to help prepare them to take on more leadership responsibilities within the organization. And to identify and encourage other title professionals (“New Members”) to become active within the NYSLTA. The goal is to teach these new participants about the role and function of the Association. This is a six (6) month program

Agenda: Each participant will be required to complete the following program:

  1. Every participant must read the NYSLTA Bylaws and we will have a group discussion regarding some of the key provisions
  2. Every Participant must join a committee. The Participant can select the committee he / she is interested in and we will do our best to accommodate their request
  3. Every Participant must attend the monthly NYSLTA Executive Committee Meetings
  4. There will be a monthly meeting with all the participants, the Chair, Vice Chair, President and the Executive Director. This meeting will be held the day after the monthly NYSLTA Executive Meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to review the contents of the Executive Meeting and address any comments and questions they have.
  5. Each Participant must have two 15 minute discussions per month with either an Officer, Prior Officer, Chair / Vice Chair of a Committee, Executive Committee Member, Bob Treuber or Regina Capone. The purpose of this discussion will be to share their NYSLTA experience with the participant
  6. Each Participant must write an article for the NYSLTA Newsletter. For example, you can write to discuss your experience in the mentorship program, an industry topic, etc.
  7. Each Participant will do a walk through of the NYSLTA’s digital presence (NYSLTA.ORG) which includes the Member site, the on-line directory, the career center, etc.). This is a 30 Minute one on one session with the Executive Director.

Selection Process: Any Active member of the NYSLTA can recommend a candidate. And, any interested candidate can also volunteer on their own to participate in this program. The selection process will be made by the Chair, Vice Chair, President and the Executive Director.

We are excited about the future of this program and the future of the NYSLTA.


Richard F. Estrella, Esq. Senior Vice President – NYS Agency Manager
Fidelity Family of Companies – New York Agency Division

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