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I ❤ Newsblog by Bob Treuber

I ❤ Newsblog by Bob Treuber

Among the many services NYSLTA provides is the dissemination of information that Members can use to run their business more effectively and efficiently.  If you received this Newsletter via email, you are already in our database for mass email distribution – what most folks call the Email Blast.

Have you ever tried to find an email blast that you received from me weeks or months in the past because you vaguely remember hearing about something that suddenly became relevant.  Maybe you are the rare person who saves old email blasts, so you search your mail folders and maybe you do and maybe you don’t find that bit of information that you need right then and there.

There is another way we get information out to Members – The Newsblog – and I want you to subscribe to it.

  • It is free
  • It is always available
  • It is searchable by keyword
  • It is not password restricted
  • It’s easy to share with your staff, your clients and prospects.

All you need to subscribe is a Member site personal profile. The subscription process is easy and you can download a How To Guide on the Member site Welcome page (

Every time an item is posted to the Newsblog, you will get a short email notice with a link to the Newsblog webpage.

If you have any difficulty subscribing to the Newsblog or creating a personal profile, don’t hesitate to reach out to the NYSLTA Staff. My email address is RGT@NYSLTA.ORG.

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