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Marvin Bagwell Retirement

Marvin Bagwell Retirement

It is with mixed emotions that we are informing you that Marvin Bagwell has decided to  retire March 5th. While we are happy that Marvin is leaving on his own terms, and are  thrilled about his plans to travel, we will miss his presence in our department beyond  words. We are incredibly fortunate to have worked with such an industry icon. Every  one of us is truly blessed to have known him and having the privilege of working  alongside Marvin has been such a phenomenal experience. 

When Marvin joined us over 11 years ago, his name and talent were instrumental in our  rapid growth. Old Republic became a significant player in the commercial arena. Our  financial strength and ratings were already elite, but it was Marvin’s ability to facilitate  large commercial deals that solidified our future, and forever changed the perception of  our NY Agency Department. 

We could go on and on about his accomplishments, but most of you already know what  a gem he truly is. We thank Marvin from the bottom of our hearts for his dedication to  our company, and for all his hard work with ALTA, TIRSA, and NYSLTA. Please join us  in wishing Marvin nothing but good health and happiness.

Submitted by:
Jean Partridge, Chief Counsel & Managing Member

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