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LandStar Title Agency Appoints New Vice President of Sales

LandStar Title Agency Appoints New Vice President of Sales

NEW YORK, May 16, 2022 – LandStar Title Agency, a New York based national title
insurance provider, is excited to announce that Edmond Adams has joined the agency as a
Vice President of Sales. His illustrious career in business and management will offer significant
professional insight and growth opportunities for LandStar.

Edmond is a first-generation immigrant from Ghana. He joined the US Marine Corp in 1996, and
the Reserves in 1998. After earning his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, he became
a Personal Training Manager, effectively utilizing his education and fitness expertise from the
military for a career well-suited to his skill set. In 2015, he went on to found and manage Boss
NYC—the largest independent, minority-owned training facility in Manhattan.

Now that his exceptional sales abilities have led him to LandStar, the agency is confident that
Edmond’s professional skills and talents will translate in the title insurance industry. President
and CEO John Burke said, “His communication skills and work ethic are second-to-none. These
attributes are intrinsic and synonymous with success within our industry.”

He is the father to three children and engaged to his fiancé, Angela. In his free time, he enjoys
Formula 1 racing and just about anything sports related. When asked about what motivates
him, Edmond said, “Everyday is an opportunity to meet new people and have a positive effect
on their lives.”

About LandStar Title Agency
LandStar Title Agency, founded in 2002 by John F. Burke and Kenneth P. Warner, Esq.,
has offices in New York City and Long Island. LandStar specializes in commercial,
residential and national real estate transactions and has direct licenses in New York, New
Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, Washington DC, Illinois, and California. LandStar is
an ALTA’s Best Practices provider and a vetted and authorized agent issuing policies on behalf
of the country’s seven largest title insurance underwriters. They include Fidelity National Title
Insurance Company, First American Title Insurance Company, Stewart Title Guaranty
Company, Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, Westcor Land Title Insurance
Company, Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company and WFG. For additional information,
please visit

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