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Land Records Committee

Land Records Committee

Throughout New York State the land record staff in each county clerk’s office has had to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and during this time they have been willing to work with the Land Records committee by sharing information as it becomes available. In addition, the e-recording vendors and search firms have been invaluable with their firsthand knowledge of in-person and online examining changes and recording issues that have affected our industry since March.

The challenges over these last months have created a shift within title offices and many functions are now handled remotely or by different staff for varying reasons. One challenge that I am made aware of in both the pre- and post- Covid environment is the rejection of documents submitted for recording. I have identified several counties that provide an online resource of a basic checklist to assist with proper recording submissions and eliminate document rejections.

Below, please see the links for Nassau, Suffolk and New York City County Clerk’s offices:—12-14?bidId= to-Record-a-Deed-and-Avoid-Rejections

Beth Alonso – Agency Representative | New York Agency Operations
Old Republic National Title Insurance Company

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