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Come back to TAN

Come back to TAN

If you think you are a member of the Title Action Network – think again. You may be one of the 300+ NYSLTA Members whose name has been purged from TAN in the past year.

Federal election laws require TAN Members to respond to an alert at least once in a 12-month period or they are removed from the program. Among the impacts of the pandemic has been a lack of TAN Alerts.

If you are no longer an active TAN Member,  we cannot ask for your support in our legislative advocacy to protect the land title insurance industry in New York State.

Fortunately, reactivating your TAN Membership is easy and fast.  

Go to and follow the directions.   Mobile users can text TAN to 50457 to rejoin and do it right from your phone.

Here is why we need every title person in New York to be in TAN:

NYSLTA’s Legislative Committee reviews every bill introduced in Albany that has the potential to impact your business and your livelihood. The Advocacy Committee has identified several bills of special concern. Working with our lobbyists, we have developed strategies and action plans to gain support for our concerns from the legislature.

The Title Action Network in New York State is a vital asset in these campaigns. We need TAN at full strength to show the lawmakers that we are an industry of thousands of small businesses who provide a vital service to New York.

TAN is free and you always have control over the messages you send to you legislators.  Don’t overthink this.  Join TAN today.


Contributed by:
Robert Treuber, Executive Vice-president

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